ViaPatres uses the information contained on these pages to announce those ones interested in directly obtaining an added value from genealogical tourism.

These are in particular municipalities, tourism companies, travel agencies, professional genealogists and local historians, tour guides, museums, public and private archives, as well as tour operators.

ViaPatres believes that the perfect family-historical journey can only be organized and carried out through the constructive interaction of these interested groups and sees itself as the partner of all these companies and institutions.

Genealogy trips can also be planned and carried out by the same committed local tourists. However, for the group of customers to which ViaPatres is mainly focused, it is essential to the planning and application of the same to be professional. Many different companies are involved in the process, from the company of expert professional genealogists, the corresponding promotion through the aforementioned economic operators, the participation of private subscribers, such as, for example, owners of properties that present a historical-family relationship with tourists, up to the planning and the professional documentation of the destinations.

ViaPatres involves economic operators in the organization and coordination of these multifaceted offers immediately after the needs assessment and supports these companies in the design of the requested services

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